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    Dice small size 50pcs

    FC 2 300,00
    Small sized dices for board games.

    Toy Plastic Balls (different designs)

    FC 2 800,00
    Plastic ball with different cartoons on them.

    Cartoon music phone 699-099A

    FC 4 000,00
    Pretend cartoon phone which plays music

    Dice medium size 100pcs

    FC 4 400,00
    Medium sized dices for board games.

    Toy squeeze 5pcs

    FC 4 600,00
    Mini bears made from silicon and are great toys for the bath or for playtime.

    Happy house toy

    FC 5 400,00
    Mini house with miniture accessories.

    Cost saving football 5 inch 1819

    FC 5 800,00
    Football for kids

    Cosmetic Play Set 7pcs set 1079-6

    FC 6 000,00
    Pretend make up set for young girls. Easy and clean to maintain for kids.

    Pretty 7pcs play set 1100-1A

    FC 6 000,00
    Pretend dress up for young girls. Very kid friendly and easy to clean up.