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    HE-House Machine à sandwich

    In just a few minutes, you can serve family favorites like grilled cheese sandwiches. Simply assemble your sandwich, place it inside the sandwich maker and close the lid. When it’s done, you’ll have a toasted sandwich with sealed edges and warmed filling.

    Kenbrook Machine à gaufres électrique

    Make delicious waffles in minutes using the Kenbrook Electric Waffle Maker. Simply plug in your appliance and you’re ready to cook!

    Philips Bouilloire HD 9303

    The body of the new Philips electric kettle uses food-grade standard stainless steel, providing rapid water boiling with peace of mind!

    Philips Mélangeur R - HR-2051

    350 W, 1.25 L Plastic jar, 4 stars stainless steel blade

    Electrolux bouilloires - EEWA3300

    Electrolux Kettle EEWA3300 has a capacity of 1.7l and an above-average power of 2200W. Therefore, you won’t be waiting long for it to boil, as is the case with less powerful kettles.

    Electrolux Grille-pain - EAT3300